Xilin bottle liquid vial filling machine vial machine, plugging and capping vial sealing machine
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Xilin bottle liquid vial filling machine vial machine, plugging and capping vial sealing machine

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The vial machine automatic filling, plugging and capping/capping integrated machine is a professional bottle automatic filling, capping/capping machine independently developed by our company on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is a new type of equipment with a relatively high level of automatic filling and capping in China. Stable and reliable, with an accuracy of over 99%. This machine adopts a high-precision closed cam indexing station imported from Japan, which has high precision, reliable operation and long service life. The indexer has a simple structure and does not require maintenance for long-term use.

This machine is mainly suitable for filling and capping various small doses of liquids, such as essential oils, oral liquids, small bottles of liquids, pastes, etc. Widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry and scientific research fields. This machine adopts advanced peristaltic pump or 316L stainless steel syringe pump for filling, with high filling accuracy. The whole machine includes transmission parts, filling parts, cap sorting parts, cap screwing parts, etc. The whole machine has compact structure, reasonable design, stable operation and long service life. This machine can be produced as a stand-alone machine, or it can form a linkage production line with bottle washing machines, dryers and other equipment. In full compliance with national GMP requirements. The electrical configuration of this machine can be upgraded according to customer requirements.


1. This vial machine is suitable for a variety of OEM bottle shapes. As long as the inner plug and outer cap are the same, only simple adjustments are needed to change the bottle shape (change the bottle mold), and other adjustments are not required. It is a fool-like operation and has low technical requirements for operators.

2. Man-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control, accurate loading.

3. Frequency conversion control, arbitrary adjustment of production speed, automatic counting.

4. It has the functions of no bottle no filling, no stopper no inner stopper.

5. Disc positioning filling, stable and reliable.

6. High-precision cam indexer control, accurate positioning.

7. The manipulator enters and exits the bottle, with a high degree of automation.

8. Made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel, fully complying with GMP requirements.

Technical Parameters

power supply220V/50Hz
Loading range1-100ml (can be customized)
Loading error≤ ±1%
production capacity30-40 bottles/min
Machine net weight600kg


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