Disc bottle unscrambler machine


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Disc bottle unscrambler machine

  • GDHP

Product Introduction:

Semi-automatic bottle feeding machine, mainly used for all kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles (round bottles) automatic alignment, orientation and transportation; It has the characteristics of fast bottling speed, few replacement parts and fast and convenient when changing varieties.

Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries, and can be matched with different automatic packaging production lines.

How it works:

The function of this machine is to arrange plastic bottles or glass bottles neatly on the conveyor belt after manual handling in a messy situation, in order to meet the requirements of high automation, is an indispensable machine for high-speed production, and saves a lot of labor costs and avoids losses caused by human factors.

Performance characteristics:

1 consists of a main rotating disc and a bottle opening;

2 The surface of the machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel as the main material, and can be modified according to requirements; Automatic bottle management and bottle blocking can be automatically stopped in the whole line with the linkage and production conditions.

Specific parameters:

Model: GH-1500

Applicable bottle shape: 20-100mm

Bottle height: 30~120 mm

Power supply: AC 220 V, 50~60 Hz

Shape scale: 1500*1500*850mm

unscrambler machine

unscrambler machine1

unscrambler machine2


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