Detergent Corrosion-resistant liquid filling machine industrial bottle filler
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Detergent Corrosion-resistant liquid filling machine industrial bottle filler

This detergent filling machine is suitable for filling liquids that are corrosive to metals, such as 84 disinfectant, toilet cleaner, sulfuric acid and nitric acid, etc. The whole machine is lined with PVC or the parts that are in contact with materials, with high corrosion resistance Ideal for raw material automation equipment.
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GHAGF type is a fully anti-corrosion (PLC) program-controlled fully automatic self-flowing liquid filling machine that integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic execution, which is newly developed by our company. This machine is specially used for filling highly corrosive liquids and cosmetics that cannot contact metal liquids. The parts of the equipment that are in contact with the liquid are made of non-metallic anti-corrosion material PVC. And it is equipped with the function of submerged filling. Accurate measurement, no air bubbles and no drool when filling.


1. It adopts PLC programmable control, equipped with a 5.7-inch touch screen human-machine interface system, adopts pressurized fixed flow channel parameters, and controls the filling time to achieve filling with different measurements. It is suitable for light liquid filling in pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, chemical, and other industries.

2. According to the characteristics of the customer's materials, the whole machine is specially made of corrosion-resistant PVC material or other corrosion-resistant materials, safe production and durable. The whole machine has unique design, beautiful appearance, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient operation and high degree of automation, and is currently one of the most advanced anti-corrosion machines in China.

3. This detergent filling machine is suitable for filling the bottles provided by the buyer. The filling head is side-entry liquid filling, and the fixed channel is used for pressurized and timed filling.

4. The detergent filling machine adopts the functions of automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling and automatic bottle discharging. Filling with bottle, stop filling without bottle, continuous operation.

5. This equipment integrates machinery, pneumatics and electronics, which is suitable for a wide range of bottle types, and the adjustment of different bottle types is simple and quick.

6. The main electrical components of the whole machine are all internationally renowned brands, such as France Snyder, Taiwan Delta, etc.; the performance is stable and durable.

7.PLC controls the touch screen operating system, faults are displayed online, and the operation is simple and convenient; automatic display counting function, frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation.

8. The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to Junan CE standard, beautiful and generous, durable, safe to operate and stable in performance.

The Main Technical Parameters:

Number of filling heads8
Filling range500-3000ml
Filling speed (bottle/hour, 500ml)1500-1800BPH
Filling error20-1000ml:≤±2%
compressed air0.4-0.6MPa
power supplyAC220V 50/60Hz
Stand-alone noise≤50dB
net weight600kg


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