thick liquid automatic cream filling machine ice cream filling machine
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thick liquid automatic cream filling machine ice cream filling machine

  • GDHP

Manual loading barrel feeding bin—>automatic loading barrel into conveyor belt—>automatic filling—>automatic aluminum foil loading—>automatic aluminum sealing—>automatic capping—>automatic unloading barrel—>automatic expiry date printer—>finishing

Machine introduction:

This is a famous filling machine developed by our company, which has reached the international advanced level, some of which surpass similar products. This is a piston cream and butter filling machine. The material is controlled by PLC and touch screen control panel. It is characterized by precise measurement, advanced structure, stable operation, low noise, large adjustment range, fast filling speed, and is also suitable for easy volatile and high viscosity filling, liquid, semi-fluid. The operator adjusts and meters the meter on the touch screen control panel, and can also adjust the metering of each filling head. The outer surface of this machine is made of stainless steel for a beautiful appearance and complies with GMP standards.


- Imported high-precision weighing sensors are used to ensure filling accuracy.

-Compact structure, saving space.

- Imported well-known brand electronic systems to ensure quality.

- Friendly man-machine interface. easy to operate.

-Specially designed butter material.

- Compliant with GMP standard.

cream filling machine


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