Sauce soup liquid detergent pouch filling machine packing machine.
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Sauce soup liquid detergent pouch filling machine packing machine.

  • GDHP

2. Design process:

Manual bag -- Press the switch -- automatic double-head filling -- automatic double-head cleaning bag mouth (with this functional interface, can not be used) -- cover tray cover -- automatic cover -- automatic screw cap -- automatic bag out

3. Pouch filling machineintroduction:

Basic structure: filling part, hopper part, running part, cleaning part, capping mechanism, bag mechanism, electric control part, host support part (the machine does not contain protective cover)

1. Bag feeding part: to manually hang the bag to the turntable, use manual or foot switch to start, to ensure that the machine can match the manual operation.

2. Filling part: double head piston + double head peristaltic pump back suction quantitative filling, filling range 100-500ml adjustable, piston quantitative filling, filling head with anti-drip function.

3. Hopper part: The hopper is made of stainless steel 304 material with thickness of 1.5-2mm, and the hopper is equipped with stirring function. In addition, the hopper part is equipped with liquid level control, and the machine can be matched with the customer's own feeding pump, so as to achieve the function of automatic shortage and feeding.

4. Operation part: Using high-precision CAM splitter, driving the turntable through CAM splitter, accurate positioning (non-human damage, can be guaranteed for two years)

5. Cleaning part: The machine is equipped with a double-head cleaning head, a CIP interface, you can not use this function.

6. The capping capping part: the capping uses a vibrating disc, the cap is sorted out in turn, the cap is automatically hung, and the double-head magnetic head automatically screws the cap. The torque of the screw cap is adjustable.

7. Automatic flushing bag mouth: automatic flushing bag mouth function, water source customer

8, the bag part: automatic bag return mechanism, export one meter bag conveyor belt, convenient for customers to use

9. Electric control part: PLC man-machine interface, the setting of filling amount can be adjusted on the touch screen, and there are three kinds of formula automatic memory function

10. Host bracket and pipe fittings: The overall appearance is made of stainless steel 304, and the pipe fittings are made of stainless steel 304

4. Main technical parameters

Device nameGHPFC-ZX2-2 type self-supporting pouch filling machine capping machine
Production capacity≧1200 bags (500ML soup shall prevail)
Filling capacity100-500mL
Filling accuracy± 1%
Overall powerApprox. 4kw
Use power380V/50HZ(three-phase four-wire)
Operating air pressure0.55-0.7Mpa, the air pressure does not exceed 2%
Gas consumption1.0m3 /min


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