Reagent aseptic filling machine price filling and packing mini water filling machine
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Reagent aseptic filling machine price filling and packing mini water filling machine

This aseptic filling machine price is suitable for filling and capping small reagent tubes of 0.5-5ML. It uses high-precision peristaltic pump filling and magnetic capping. The entire working process is carried out on a 100-level laminar flow hood, with high cleanliness and high production efficiency.
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Workflow: (Manually pour the messy bottles and caps into the corresponding bottle lifter and cap lifter, the bottles and caps are lifted into the corresponding bottle sorting tray and cap sorting tray, and the bottle caps are sorted out in the same direction after the bottle sorting )

Bottle lifting-automatic bottle unscrambling-double track bottle feeding-double-head peristaltic pump filling-automatic cap unscrambling-robot lower cap-automatic double-head capping-robot bottle output, the whole process is controlled by PLC, and the cycle production is automatically completed. The whole production includes lifting Machine, material tray, filling and sealing inspection are all completed in the 100-level laminar flow hood to achieve aseptic production.


1. This model is specially designed by our company for small doses and small mouth bottles. It is suitable for automatic bottle lifting of low-viscosity liquid materials, automatic bottle unscrambling, automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, and automatic capping. It is a high-tech filling equipment integrating machinery and electricity, with a high degree of automation. It is widely used for filling and capping small bottles such as food, pharmaceuticals, and daily chemicals.

Household bottle type customization.

2. High-precision peristaltic pump is used for filling, PLC setting control, and the filling volume and the number of filling bottles can be set through the touch screen on the equipment. The filling adjustment range is large, the precision is high, and the operation is convenient.

Work process:

Bottle lifting→bottle unscrambling→bottle discharge→filling→bottom cap screwing→bottle discharge. The whole process is controlled by PLC.

Features :

1. The vibrating plate unscrambles the caps, the speed of bottle unscrambling is fast, the qualified rate is high, and the vibrating plate is easy to clean.

2. PLC control, peristaltic pump filling and imported medical silicone tube, high filling accuracy, simple structure, easy to disassemble, clean, disinfect and replace, no pollution.

3. The cap is placed by the manipulator, the cap is placed accurately, the magnetic cap is screwed, and the cap is not damaged, and the qualified rate of the lower cap is high.

4. The main machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the part in contact with the material is made of SUS316L, which is stable and durable.

5. If there is no bottle, it will not be loaded without caps, and it will alarm when there is no cap or bottle, and it will automatically stop if there is no cap or empty bottle; the automatic display counting function will be displayed when the door is opened; the bottle in and out is smooth, frequency conversion debugging, and easy to connect.

6. Easy installation and adjustment, with fault shutdown protection, standardized electrical installation, and safe operation.

7. The circuit part has a bottom plate, which is directly sealed to ensure clean pollution.

8. The integrated design not only ensures the accuracy and speed of filling and capping, but also occupies a small area and has a beautiful appearance.

9. Equipped with A grade 100 laminar flow hood to provide laminar flow protection for aseptic production process.

10. The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to GMP standard, safe and stable, with high performance.


Applicable bottle size A bottle type provided by the customer Filling range 2ml\3.6ml\3.8ml
Stable output 70-80 bottles/min Filling accuracy 2ml:±0.1ml
capping qualified rate ≥99.9% speed control Frequency control
Bottle in and out rate 0.01% Elevator accommodates bottle caps ≥1000 pcs
rated power 1.2kw Operating Voltage 380V50/60HZ Phase 3
working pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa Stand-alone noise ≤70dB
Equipment Approximate Weight 1000kg Dimensions 2800*2500*2000mm

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