Pulp milk beverage bottle cleaning bottle high speed rotary fruit juice filling packing machine
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Pulp milk beverage bottle cleaning bottle high speed rotary fruit juice filling packing machine

  • GDHP

1. Spray disinfection buffer conveyor line

Overview: The swivel turn-back spray disinfection buffer line adopts flat-plate turning belt surface turn-back conveying, each section is 6 meters long, and there are 5 rows in total. The total length is 30 meters. In the first two rows, no spray pipes are installed on the upper part, and a disinfectant pool is installed on the lower part for storage and leakage of disinfectant. Equipped with a 10-ton per hour suction pump for spraying, and a built-in return pipe of the all-in-one machine for flipping, pouring, and rinsing the back section to recover the disinfectant when the bottle is poured in the back section.

The device has a stainless steel housing with a plexiglass viewing window. Convenient observation and hygienic sealing. (You can choose a hundred-level laminar flow hood)

The material of the whole machine is SUS304# stainless steel, and the surface material of the conveyor belt is POM chain plate. The power of the conveying motor is 1.5KW, and the speed is adjustable from 5-20 m/min.

Dimensions: 6000*1000*1200 (if you want to install a 100-level laminar flow hood, the dimensions are about 7000*1500*1600)

2. All-in-one machine for flipping, pouring, and rinsing bottles

This machine adopts the method of continuous tracking, pouring and spraying to wash the bottles, which has high efficiency and good washing effect. The whole machine is divided into 3 sections, one is for flipping and pouring disinfectant, the other is for pure water washing, and the other is for draining. It is suitable for two kinds of bottles provided by the buyer. The first section has a disinfectant collection and reserved tube. The port is connected to the rotary turn-back spray disinfection buffer conveyor line and the disinfectant is stored in the recovery tank for easy recycling. The second section is connected to the pure water pipeline and sprayed with pure water directly, and the third section is the bottle-inverting dry section. The completion time of the three processes is adjustable from 8 to 13 seconds. The exterior of the machine is made of SUS304# stainless steel, with a sanitary 100-grade laminar flow hood.

1. Production capacity: 10000 bottles-12000 bottles/h

2. Number of flushing heads: 36 heads

3. Bottle specifications:

Round bottle diameter: ф50mm~ф100mm

Bottle height: 150mm~220mm

4. Bottle pouring time: 3 seconds (maximum output)

5. Flushing medium: sterile water

6. Washing time: 3 seconds (maximum output)

7. Draining time: 2 seconds (maximum output)

8. Water pressure: 0.2 Mpa -0.4 Mpa

9. Power supply: 380V 50Hz

10. Motor power: 1.5 kw

11. Working air source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable air source

Water consumption: 3-5 tons/hour

12. Net weight: 1000 kg

13. Dimensions (L×W×H): 2300mm×2000mm×1850mm

3. Automatic pulp filling machine

Overview: The high-speed rotary pulp filling machine is suitable for the filling of pulp in the beverage industry. It uses a screw and a turntable to enter the bottle, and the filling uses a peristaltic pump for filling. The filling volume of each filling head can be adjusted independently. The contact parts and appearance are made of SUS304# stainless steel, with a class 100 laminar flow hood. The rotation speed is adjustable. It can be used stand-alone or connected with other devices.


Filling is performed by a peristaltic pump, which is hygienic and clean for easy cleaning.

The high-level storage tank is adopted, and the whole machine is easy to clean and disinfect.

The bottle opening device is adopted. After the filling bottle mouth is accurately positioned, the filling head is extended into the bottle to complete the filling.

The filling volume is easy to adjust and easy to operate, and different filling volume specifications can be replaced in a short time.

This machine has an automatic feeding function, which can be realized by cooperating with the rear conveying hoist

The whole machine is designed according to the requirements of GMP specification.

The main technical parameters:

Filling range: 5 ~ 100 grams

Number of filling nozzles: twelve filling nozzles

Accuracy: ≤±3% of standard loading

Compressed air pressure: ≤0.6~0.7Mpa

Air consumption: 15m3~40m3/h

Power supply: 220/380V 50Hz

Power consumption: ≤2KW

Stand-alone noise: ≤50dB>

Net weight: ≤2000kg

Production capacity:

(Taking 50 grams as an example) 12 nozzles: ≥200 bottles/min


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