Free hand wash liquid packing machine automatic bottle filling machine piston filling machine
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Free hand wash liquid packing machine automatic bottle filling machine piston filling machine

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Introduction of each equipment:

1. Fully automatic elevator + bottle unscrambler


This automatic bottle filling machine is suitable for unscrambling plastic bottles. Pour the messy bottles into the bottle unscrambler. Through the operation of the bottle unscrambler, the bottles enter the filling conveyor line in an upright and orderly manner. The use of this equipment greatly reduces the number of operators. The labor intensity is completely automatic in the true sense.


1. Instead of manual bottle loading, saving personnel

2. Advanced design, compact structure, small footprint

3. High pass rate for unscrambling bottles, suitable for bottle-like shape

4. Frequency conversion speed regulation, contact automatic control

5. Different bottle shapes within a certain range only need to replace mold parts

automatic bottle filling machine

2.GHALF-12 Automatic 12-head Piston Filling Machine

Product description:

1. This piston filling machine is our company's many years of production experience. It adopts high-precision piston quantification, integrates electromechanical and pneumatic, and is controlled by PLC. It has reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, and high filling accuracy. , strong adaptability, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on.

2. It is widely applicable to the filling of various liquids, semi-fluids, pastes, viscous bodies, such as 84 disinfectant, detergent, hand sanitizer and other daily chemical products.

automatic bottle filling machine2

automatic bottle filling machine3

3. High-speed capping machine (automatic capping)


1. This automatic bottle filling machine is a general-purpose capping machine designed on the basis of absorbing the experience of capping machines at home and abroad, aiming at the current diversity of capping. Aiming at the diversity of current capping, a general-purpose capping machine designed to simulate human hand movements.

2. The machine is equipped with an automatic cover unscrambling device, which can automatically unscramble the lower cover, and the lower cover has a high pass rate.

automatic bottle filling machine4

4. Automatic round bottle labeling machine

Vertical round bottle labeling machine adopts advanced rolling labeling method, optical fiber control, synchronous tracking, label output is controlled by stepping motor or servo motor, automatic detection of container and label size, and advanced functions such as automatic positioning to ensure labeling Synchronized, precise, and automated. 

The main engine is controlled by microcomputer, with touch-type large liquid crystal panel, display and built-in ten sets of memory devices. It is a modern advanced mechatronics equipment. The distribution (receiving) tray can be selected for stand-alone use, and it can also be directly connected to the production line, with excellent and reliable working performance. 

It can also be equipped with a printing machine to complete label printing synchronously. The self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of easy cleaning, no mold, beautiful and firm after labeling, will not fall off by itself, and high production efficiency. 

This series of machines is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized high-grade combined gold, which meets the GMP standard and is suitable for automatic labeling of containers in various industries such as medicine, daily chemical, and food.

automatic bottle filling machine5


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