Filling machine automatic peristaltic pump filler
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Filling machine automatic peristaltic pump filler

Fully automatic 12-head aluminum foil sealing reagent sampling tube filling and capping machine
  • GDHP

Equipment action flow: manually pour the tube into the vibrating plate—automatic bottle unscrambling—first automatic filling—automatic cap unscrambling and lower cap—glanding—second filling—automatic film cutting and sealing— —Automatic output of finished products

1、Frame Parts:

1.1. The whole machine is welded by high-quality 304 stainless steel square tube overall frame.

1.3. There are movable direction wheels and positioning devices in contact with the ground.

1.4. The frame of the whole machine is welded in one piece。

2、Mold part:

2.1. The template is designed according to one out of six.

2.2. Process the template according to the sample of the buyer, and arrange the template according to the sample film of the buyer.

3、Bottle feeding parts:

3.1. Manually pour the tube into the vibrating pan.

3.2. Automatically sort by column.

3.3. After being automatically and neatly arranged, the fixture is accurately placed into the mold of the main machine.

4、Into the concave cover part:

4.1. Manually pour the concave cap into the vibrating plate.

4.2. Automatically sort by column.

4.3. After being automatically and neatly arranged, the jigs are accurately placed into the bottles of the main machine.

5、Press concave cover part:

5.1. Use the cylinder to stamp the lid

5.2. Stamping pressure is adjustable

6、Automatic film release system:

6.1. The film release shaft is made of stainless steel thick arm steel pipe, and the top film cone top is used for quick disassembly;

6.2. The axial direction of the film release axis can be fine-tuned;

6.3. The other end of the film release shaft uses a supportable structure;

7、Sealing part:

7.1. Using steel film punching, with simultaneous automatic film drawing punching, the length of the film can be set freely。

8、Transmission system:

8.1 The chain adopts stainless steel thickened chain.

9、Filling system:

9.1. The filling system uses a micro-pump for precise filling, with low failure rate, corrosion resistance, and adjustable filling volume.

9.2. The first filling capacity is 300-500ul, and the second filling capacity is within the range of 50-150ul.

9.3. Filling accuracy: ±%.

10.Control part:

1. It has the function of no bottle no filling

11、Customized packaging machine equipment configuration technical parameters

11.1. Type: Automatic small-dose liquid filling line

11.2. Three-phase four-wire 380V/50Hz (can be customized according to customer power supply voltage).

11.3, power about 4 kilowatts

11.4. The temperature control range is within 250°C (easy to adjust)

11.5, the air source is about 0.6-0.8mpa

11.6, 90-110 bottles/minute or more

11.7. Reference size 5000-840-1950mm

peristaltic fillers

peristaltic fillers2

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