FOB antigen diagnostic reagent semi automatic liquid filling machine tabletop piston filler
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FOB antigen diagnostic reagent semi automatic liquid filling machine tabletop piston filler

  • GDHP


This equipment is customized by our company. It is suitable for semi-automatic filling and capping of small bottles and multi-bottles for OEMs of medicine, biology and cosmetics. Different bottle shapes only need to replace the mold, and different cap shapes can replace the capping head. This machine is compact, occupies a small area, and has high product compatibility. It is an ideal equipment for the pharmaceutical and biological industry.

Production process: manual tube-automatic detection-automatic filling-manual capping-automatic capping-automatic bottle output


1. The filling part adopts a high-precision magnetic pump, which has high filling accuracy, and the material only contacts with the tube, which is easy to clean.

2. The capping torque is controllable, and the capping rate is high.

3. Automatic induction, no dripping, no filling without bottle, precise alignment, free adjustment.

4. Bottles are mechanically clamped and released, and the bottle is exported with slide rails, which is convenient for bottle discharge.



Filling method

magnetic pump

Filling accuracy5ML±0.15ML 10ML±0.2ML
capping qualified rate≧99%
Production capacity15-35 bottles per minute (depending on the speed of manual operation)
Voltage220V 50HZ
Barometric pressure0.4-0.6Mpa


Q:Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
A:We are a manufacturer in filling and packing machine field more than 20 years, located at Huadu district, Guangzhou city, which is nearby Baiyun Airport.

Q:Do you have any certification?

Q:What about the delivery time?
A:Usually 30-60 Working days

Q:What about the machine's capacity?
A:it depended on your production capacity requirement

Q:The after-sale service
A:12 months warranty.
solve basic questions by telephone, email, whatsapp, wechat and video call.
Engineer will go to buyer's factory to install, test machines, and train buyer's staff how to operate, maintain machines.
Operating manuals will be sent with machine or by email.

Q: If I want to buy a machine, what information do I need to tell you, do you need from me?
A: a. What kind liquid/cream/powder/particles you want to produce?
  b. bottle/sachet volume? 3ml, 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, etc.?
  c. Producing capacity requirement? How many bottles per hour?
  d.Raw material picture or video
  e.Voltage and altitude.

Q:What kinds of product you supply?
A: Food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, daily chemicals filling line.
 After packing system(label machine, PE film shrink packing machine, carton machine etc)


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