Bag filling machine automatic bagger machine bags packing machine
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Bag filling machine automatic bagger machine bags packing machine

  • GDHP

Scope of application:

This bag filling machine is composed of a bag-type packaging machine and a filling machine. It is mainly suitable for automatic metering and packaging of liquid sauce materials such as laundry detergent and fruit juice.

bag filling machine

bag filling machine2

Main performance characteristics:

1. Convenient operation: PLC control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and convenient operation;

2. Convenient adjustment: the replacement of varieties can be completed within about ten minutes;

3. Suitable for different types of packaging bags;

4. The perfect prevention system ensures the yield rate and does not waste bags and materials;

5. The packaging part of the machine is made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and safety of the material;

6. The bag filling machine adopts a fully automatic detection device to realize the automation of the packaging process, reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor.

7. Some imported engineering plastics are used, without refueling, reducing pollution to materials;

8. Adopt oil-free vacuum pump to avoid polluting the production environment.

The main technical parameters:

Model GH-200-L
Type of packaging Flat bags, three-side seals, four-side seals, zipper bags, stand-up bags, etc.
Bag size W:100-210mm L:150-320mm
Weight range 5-1500g
Packing speed 20-50 bags/min

(The speed is determined by the material itself and the filling weight)
Packaging accuracy ≤±1%
Power supply 3.95KW, AC380V, 50HZ
Machine Dimensions 4200*2000*3700mm


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