Automatic eight head servo food vacuum filling machine
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Automatic eight head servo food vacuum filling machine

  • GDHP

Product introduction:

1. This servo piston filling machine is our company set many years of production experience, using servo motor plus piston quantitative, set electromechanical, pneumatic in one, controlled by PLC, reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, with stable and reliable performance, high filling accuracy, strong adaptability, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other characteristics.

2. It is widely used for filling all kinds of liquid, semi-fluid, paste, sticky, paste and all kinds of materials containing granules. Such as containing easy foaming liquid, ordinary liquid and all kinds of paste.

Performance characteristics:

1, using the world famous Delta, Velenton, Schneider brand electrical appliances and Taiwan Yadeke pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life;

2, filling volume and filling speed adjustment is simple, with no bottle no filling function; Hopper with liquid level automatic control system, convenient filling, to ensure the stability of filling.

3. The filling of this machine adopts piston volume measurement, with high filling accuracy. When the container reaches the predetermined filling position, the piston pushed by the main cylinder will produce accurate pressure injection into the container;

4. The filling nozzle is equipped with anti-drip device and leakage connecting system to ensure no drip or wire drawing and no pollution to the bottle.

5, humanized design, no need to replace parts, no need to adjust tools, can quickly adjust the equipment for different shapes and specifications of the bottle, strong applicability;

6, PLC and touch screen control operation, frequency control, automatic counting, simple operation, convenient line production, high degree of automation.

7. The machine is equipped with formula memory function, different formulas can be picked up by one key, the machine is equipped with four kinds of formula function, easy to use.

8. Delta servo motor is adopted, the filling accuracy is higher than the ordinary cylinder control. Filling can be controlled by multi-stage speed, such as low speed when filling. High speed is used when the material is over the filling head. Using low speed filling at the end of filling can not only improve the filling speed but also control the material spatter after the foam and material filling too fast.

9. There are two filling modes for the filling head, which can be submerged and raised according to the filling speed, or inserted into the bottle mouth.

10. Compared with pneumatic piston filling machine, servo motor drive has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, high precision and convenient adjustment.

The whole machine mainly uses SUS304, and the material part uses SUS316 to make beautiful and durable; Piston adopts quick-disassembly design, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, in line with the requirements of food hygiene.

12, the design and manufacture of this machine are in accordance with GMP standards, safe operation, stable performance, durable.


Filling head8 headsFilling range1-5L
Production Capacity1L (2500-3000 bottles/hour)Filling accuracyPlus or minus 1%
Rated power5kwOperating voltage380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire
Working air pressure0.4-0.6 MpaSingle machine noise70 db or less
Equipment weight1000kgProfile size3000*2200*2200mm


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