Automatic Liquid jar filling line filling machine
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Automatic Liquid jar filling line filling machine

  • GDHP


This flowmeter filling machine is suitable for the filling of medicine, daily chemical, liquid and oil, and is not limited by the bottle type.


1. Automatic flowmeter filling machine, controlled by microcomputer PLC programming, accurate filling measurement, simple filling adjustment, convenient, quick, flexible and suitable for filling various bottle types (including special-shaped bottles) of 100-1000ML.

2. This model draws lessons from the good performance of high-quality filling equipment at home and abroad. It is fast and slow when filling without spilling, and it does not drip after filling. It is also equipped with a liquid contact device. It is compact in structure, simple and convenient in operation, and full of functions. Low energy consumption, high degree of automation and other characteristics, it is really easy to adjust, no bottle, no filling, and accurate filling.

3. This type of in-line flowmeter filling machine is a high-tech filling equipment that is controlled by microcomputer PLC programming, photoelectric sensing, and pneumatic execution; the filling volume and filling can be completed through the touch screen on the equipment. After the number of bottles is set, it will be filled automatically, and the main operations of the equipment can be completed automatically through the touch screen.

4. The appearance of the equipment is made of SUS304, and the part in contact with the material is made of SUS316, which meets the requirements of GMP.

5. This machine has the function of no bottle no filling, no material automatic feeding function

6. The German Cologne flowmeter is adopted, which has a simple structure, reduces the contact area between materials and equipment, and is easy to clean.

5. Pneumatic components and main electrical components adopt standard components.

Main performance parameters:

Power supply: ~380V
ModelOutput bottle/hPower (KW)Filling volume (ml)Filling accuracy (ml)Dimensions  (mm)Approx. weight (kg)
ZXG-620003200±21600*1200*20005  00


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