Automatic 1-50L large drum liquid filling line machine
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Automatic 1-50L large drum liquid filling line machine

This production line is suitable for 1-50L large drum filling and screw capping. It adopts double-speed weighing filling and is suitable for liquids with or without foam. It has high production capacity and saves labor. It is an ideal choice for the chemical industry. Anti-corrosion or explosion-proof equipment can be customized.
  • GDHP

Production line description: This production line is an automatic production line customized by our company according to the user's barrel shape and materials. The whole line consists of an automatic double-head weighing filling machine, an automatic upper and lower plugging machine, and an automatic upper and lower cover. It consists of a capping machine, and the empty barrels are loaded manually (an automatic barrel discharger is optional to reduce manual labor). The whole process is controlled by PLC and the production is completed automatically.

Filling machine: The current filling volume is monitored in real time by means of pumping and weighing and fed back to the controller. The controller outputs fast and slow filling control signals according to the set data to realize the control of larger filling specifications. Fast and accurate filling, this filling has high precision, and can realize automatic tare function.

Automatic plugging and unplugging machine: This machine is composed of three working positions, including automatic plug lifting machine, automatic plug unscrambling machine and automatic plugging group surface. The automatic lifting machine can greatly save labor costs and realize missing parts. Material feeding function, the plugging part is plugged with a cylinder, and the qualified rate of plugging is high.

Automatic upper cover unscrambling and lower cover capping machine: This machine is composed of three stations, consisting of a cover lifter, an automatic cover unscrambling plate, and an automatic lower cover screwing machine. The cover has a high qualified rate and the torque can be adjusted.

Whole line parameters:

Filling volume: 5-25KG

Filling method: weighing filling

Filling accuracy: ±0.5%

Whole line capacity: 360-600 barrels/hour

Whole line power: 12KW

The whole line size: 11 meters X2 meters X2 meters


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