Aseptic filling machine line aseptic filling equipment
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Aseptic filling machine line aseptic filling equipment

  • GDHP

The automatic aseptic filling machine is aimed at the filling of small bottles of 1-100ml. It uses peristaltic pump filling and cooperates with a 100-level laminar flow hood to achieve aseptic filling.

1. The vibrating plate unscrambles the caps, the speed of bottle unscrambling is fast, the qualified rate is high, and the vibrating plate is easy to clean.

2. PLC control, peristaltic pump filling and imported medical silicone tube, high filling accuracy, simple structure, easy to disassemble, clean, disinfect and replace, no pollution.

3. The cap is placed by the manipulator, the cap is placed accurately, the magnetic cap is screwed, and the cap is not damaged, and the qualified rate of the lower cap is high.

4. The main machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the part in contact with the material is made of SUS316L, which is stable and durable.

5. If there is no bottle, it will not be loaded without caps, and it will alarm when there is no cap or bottle, and it will automatically stop if there is no cap or empty bottle; the automatic display counting function will be displayed when the door is opened; the bottle in and out is smooth, frequency conversion debugging, and easy to connect.

6. Easy installation and adjustment, with fault shutdown protection, standardized electrical installation, and safe operation.

7. The circuit part has a bottom plate, which is directly sealed to ensure clean pollution.

8. The integrated design not only ensures the accuracy and speed of filling and capping, but also occupies a small area and has a beautiful appearance.

9. Equipped with A grade 100 laminar flow hood to provide laminar flow protection for aseptic production process.

10. The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to GMP standard, safe and stable, with high performance.


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